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Vegas Slot Casino

To welcome you to Vegas Slot Casino we will give you up to $700 FREE on your 1st 5 deposits.

Claim your bonus in 3 easy steps: Vegas Slot Casino accepts FirePay!

Make a Deposit at the Casino.
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For those who have decided to play at VEGAS SLOT CASINO with a Real Account, we have devised a new, personalized promotion:

The more you spend, the more you gain!

Every time you play as a real player, you earn points called REEL which are deposited as cash each month into your account.


For each US$/£10 you play, you obtain 1 REEL.
All games are valid for this promotion.
The REEL you gain are calculated at the beginning of each month, and the relative amount of money is deposited into your real Account.
The Conversion Rate is US$/£10 per 1,000 REEL.
Money we deposit into your real account is paid out for no less than one thousand (1,000) REEL.
If at the beginning of one month your amount of REEL is less than 1,000, the REEL will be kept for the next month.
REEL in inactive accounts become redundant after three (3) months.

VEGAS SLOT CASINO will pay your bonus directly into your account from the 10th to the 15th of the month following the one in which you earned the bonus.
An e-mail notifying you how much you have won and how many REEL have been carried over in your account will also be sent to you.

Vegas Slot Casino

Vegas Slot Casino



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